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Strengthening fire control safety management is the key to prevent fireⅡ

2018-03-27  |   Editor : jiping  
Category : Humanity
  1. Guided the evacuation in time according to the pre-prepared evacuation plan.

Once fire disaster happens, according to the requirement of pre-prepared evacuation plan, use the emergency broadcasting to stabilize the mood of the distress personnel and guide the evacuation. Assign special person to the relevant floor to organize evacuation; set up security guide to evacuate at the entrance of the lobby and the main exits; Set assembly points on the ground and count the numbers in time.

  1. Be familiar with fire fighting facilities in buildings and methods of self-rescue.

Prevention is the priority compared with relief. As for fire disasters, which happen frequently, everyone should establish a strong sense of disasters and be familiar with the structure of constructions where you work, study or live and figure out escape methods and know well about fire control facilities in the buildings and the self-escape methods.

A fire extinguisher should be kept in place by a resident living at a high level. Ropes, scissors, and flashlight are also necessary tools to escape a fire.

  1. Strengthen security education.

Vigorously enhance students’ fire safety education so that they had set up the strong fire safety knowledge and the fire law concepts since childhood and improve their fire prevention knowledge and skills as well as their ability of self protection, which benefits all their life. In addition, we can improve fire safety consciousness of the whole society and all families through theem and expand the breadth of fire control propaganda.

A fire usually goes through three stages of development. The first development generally takes 5-7 minutes, which is the most effective time to extinguish fire. After the time, the fire will reach a violent stage, which is usually very difficult to extinguish. Therefore, once you find fire disaster, call the fire alarm call 119.

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