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Floods in Di’er Songhua River in 1995

2018-05-18  |   Editor : houguangbing  
Category : Hydrological

Serious flood disasters had occurred in the Di’er Songhua River basin in 1995. The disaster area was mainly concentrated in the Fengman reservoir upstream Huifa River and West and East flow Songhua River basin. There were 23 counties (cities and districts), 244 villages and towns, 2370 villages and 2 million 458 thousand and 900 people in the whole river basin that suffered from the disaster. 938 thousand and 800 people were besieged by the floods and 942 thousand and 600 people were transferred urgently. 9 towns were flooded and there were 6 hydrops towns. 959 thousand and 400 houses were damaged. 217 thousand and 100 houses collapsed and 19 people died. The direct economic loss reached 12 billion 874 million yuan.

Loss of agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry and fishery. Crops affected area reached 348 thousand Hm2 and the disaster area reached 311 thousand and 900 Hm2. Total crop failure area reached 202 thousand and 500 Hm2. The area of destroyed farml and reached 67 thousand and 300 Hm2, of which the irrigated area was 19 thousand and 500 Hm2. Grain production reduced by 1 million 722 thousand and 400 t. The amount of grain loss reached 88 thousand and 900 t and 148 thousand livestock died.The area of aquaculture loss was 9 thousand and 800 Hm2 and the quantity was 22 thousand and 100 t. The direct economic loss was 4 billion 348 million yuan.

Loss of industrial transportation. 3867 industrial and mining enterprises all stopped production, including 1940 township enterprises and 1371 enterprises partially stopped production, including 314 township enterprises. The railway interrupted 10 times and interruption time reached 417h. The highway interrupted 90 times. 5 Railway bridges and culverts and 61 highway bridges and culverts were washed out. 15km railway roadbed and 650km highway roadbed were destroyed. Power supply interruption four times and interruption time reached to 741h. The transmission line 9522 base rods were damaged and the length was 788km. The 12278 base of communication lines were damaged and the length was 462km. The direct economic loss reached 3 billion 142 million yuan.

Loss of water conservancy facilities. A total of 408 reservoirs were damaged, including 11 large and medium-sized, 60 small (one) and 377 small (two) types. 4 reservoirs dam broke down,including 1 small (one) type and 3 small (two) types. 601km dykes were damaged and 327 channels burst. 199 aqueducts, 2331 bridges and culverts, 1730 mechatronics wells, 5 hydrometric stations , 143 management facilities, 958 mechanical and electrical pumping stations (installed machine 81 thousand KW) and 30 small hydropower stations (installed 18 thousand KW) were damaged. The direct economic loss of water conservancy facilities was 1 billion 558 million yuan.

The losses in some aspects such as housing, culture and education, health, family property and other aspects were 3 billion 826 million yuan. From the above data could be seen, the range of flood inundation in the Songhua River Basin was wide. The upper reaches of the downstream river and its tributaries due to floods causing flooding inundated cross-strait terrace and river valley plain. In the main stream and tributaries downstream from the flood water level was higher than the ground caused by poor drainage or flood plain area due to dikes burst. The vast Songnen Plain and the Sanjiang plain were within the threat of the flood of the tributaries of the Songhua River. Due to the longer flood duration of the main flow, the internal flow was supported by the flood and it was easy to produce waterlogging. And these areas were the main agricultural areas and commodity grain bases. In addition, most cities were also under threat of flood. Floods and droughts had a great impact on agriculture and economic development.

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