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Application of Flood Control Knowledge Service in Songliao Basin

Brief introduction

The Songliao Basin spans 260,000km2 across three provinces of Liaoning, Jilin, and Heilongjiang and four cities-Hulun Buer League, Xing'an League, Zenith (Tongliao City) and Chifeng City of Inner Mongolia, and it is crossed by the Songhua River and Liaohe River. A cold and humid forest, meadows, and grassland comprise its landscape. From the analysis of massive flood disaster data in Songliao basin, the characteristics of flood and waterlogging disasters can be summed up as the following: the high frequency, the wide range, the loss of the disaster is aggravating year by year.


The application for basic geography, hydrology and flood disaster in Songliao Basin has been released. Based on the reconnaissance and analysis technology, the information and data of administrative division, landscape, soil, traffic road, river, lake, reservoir, basin range, flood, rainstorm and typhoon are preceded and sorted in this application. MapServer is used to release Web Map Service (WMS) referring the international specifications and standards. The combination of data and MapBox tiles are used by LeafletJS to generate the GIS map view. When the app page is opened, the GIS map could be visualized as the map service.


When the online application opened, the documents and information of basic geography, hydrology and flood disaster are classified and sorted by label control. Additional links for related pages are listed in the app page for user to get more readings.

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