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Topic statistical analysis

Figure 2 shows the statistical percentage of the primary topics. On the results, "Opinion and sentiments " is the most one, accounting for 32.89%; "Government response" and "Events notification" are the second and third, accounting for 20.64% and 17.08%, respectively. The percentages of "Popularization of prevention and treatment" and "Personal response" is 14.12% and 11.57%. As the least two, "Making Donations" and "Seeking help" accounted for 2.23% and 1.47%, respectively.

Fig 2. Statistical results of primary topics related to COVID-19

The statistical results of the secondary topics are shown in Figure 3. The number of "Taking scientific protective measures", "Blessing and praying" and "Objective comment" is the largest, accounting for 23.95%, 20.22% and 16.23%, respectively. Followed by " Condemning bad habits" and " Fear and worry", accounting for 12.12% and 9.02%, respectively. Again for "Global epidemic concern" and "Appealing for aiding patients", accounting for 5.52% and 3.38%, respectively. The remaining topics accounted for less than 3%.

Fig 3. Statistical results of second topics related to COVID-19