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Online map of the number of annual gale days in Northwest Chinese and sandstorm days figure

Date: 2020-04-29  Editor : houxue2018   

Map description

The number of annual gale days in Northwest Chinese and sandstorm days figure

In the north of China, the westerly belt system of the atmospheric circulation has great influence, and more cold air activities. When the cold air is active, the air pressure system is cold and high pressure, and the front is cold front and windy weather. In the mountains of the northwest, the topographical effect has a positive effect on the strong winds. Therefore, there are many windy days in the northwest.

There are two reasons for the impact of sandstorm weather. In terms of climate: China's northwestern region is a temperate continental climate with large temperature differences in winter and summer and less precipitation throughout the year. In the spring, the temperature rises rapidly, and a lot of water vapor is taken away during the evaporation process, making the surface dry.

In the northwest region, controlled by the subtropical high and the west wind, the wind is large, and it is very easy to form dusty weather. When the wind reaches a certain level, the dust will accumulate and form a sandstorm.

Vegetation: Due to climatic factors, the northwestern region of China has less precipitation, strong light and large heat, so the vegetation coverage is extremely small and the desertification is serious. The vegetation has the function of preventing wind and sand, while the vegetation in the northwestern part of China is sparse and the soil is desertified, so it is easy to form sandstorm weather.

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