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Distribution Online Map of Soil and Water Loss Types in China

Date: 2019-07-09  Editor : houxue2018   

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Map description

Distribution Map of type of soil and water loss in China

According to the "2004 China Environmental Situation Report" published by the State Environmental Protection Administration, China's soil erosion area in 2004 was 3.56 million square kilometers, accounting for 37.1% of China's total land area. Among them, the area of hydraulic erosion is 1.65 million square kilometers, and the area of wind erosion is 1.81 million square kilometers. Soil and water loss is widespread, and almost all provinces, autonomous regions, and municipalities have soil erosion. The communique also shows that soil erosion occurs not only in mountainous areas, hilly areas, windy areas, but also in plains and coastal areas. At present, China's soil erosion shows a large area of soil erosion, a wide distribution range; high loss intensity, high proportion of severe erosion areas; complex causes of loss, obvious regional differences and other three characteristics.

Areas with Serious Soil and Water Loss

Loess Plateau Hills in Northwest China

Hilly and mountainous areas in southern China

Soil and Rock Hills in North China

Hilly and mountainous areas in Northeast China

Sub-serious Soil and Water Loss Areas

Southwest Canyon High and High Mountains

Mountainous areas in Arid Regions

Arid sandy area

Areas with slight soil erosion

Plains, Basins and Oasis Areas

Qinghai-Tibet Plateau

Division of Soil and Water Conservation Types

Development and Protection Type Area: Type Area with low land productivity or insufficient development or weak erosion, which does not need to be treated at present.

Control type area: Soil water erosion has reached the accelerated erosion degree or obvious desertification, which has caused obvious harm to production and must be systematically controlled.

Soil and water loss is a phenomenon that the structure of soil is broken and loosened under the action of water infiltration and impact, and then dissipates with water flow. The unreasonable exploitation and management of water and soil resources by human beings has destroyed soil cover and accelerated the process of soil erosion. In order to prevent soil erosion in mountainous and hilly areas, it is necessary to control the harm of modern accelerated soil erosion. Modern accelerated soil erosion is a natural and historical process formed under the long-term and combined action of natural and social factors. So the key to prevent soil erosion is to eliminate and prevent the harm caused by soil erosion. The basic purpose and means of governance are to protect, rationally utilize and develop land resources and to classify and divide land resources according to local conditions.

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