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China 's Yangtze River Basin Water Division and Hydropower Construction

Date: 2018-07-24  Editor : houguangbing   

Category: General Map

Map description

Basic profile of the Yangtze River

The Yangtze River originates from the "roof of the world" - the Tanggula Mountains of the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, southwest of the Ladantong Peak, starting from the Yangtze River source glacier of 33 ° 28 'north latitude and 91 ° 08' east longitude.

The scope of the Yangtze River Basin: the north and the Yellow River Basin is adjacent to the Northwest and Qinghai inland watershed adjacent to the northeast and the Huaihe River Basin adjacent to the southeast and Min, Zhejiang coastal river basin adjacent to the south and the Pearl River Basin adjacent to the southwest and Yuanjiang , The Lancang River and the Nu River basin. Yangtze River Delta north of the watershed sector, usually to Tongyang Canal for the community; the south of Hangzhou-Jiaxing-Huzhou plain on the south side of the hills and Qiantang River is bounded.


Water Division 1、Jinsha River 2、Minjiang, Tuojiang 3、Jialing River 4、Wujiang River 5、Dongting Lake 6、Han River 7、Poyang Lake 8、Taihu Lake 9、Yibin - Yichang main stream interval 10、Yichang - Hukou main flow interval 11、Hukou - Yangtze River estuary mainstream
Watershed Area (ten thousand square kilometers) 50.79 16.1 16.0 8.8 26.3 15.9 16.8 3.66 9.67 8.58 8.25
Annual Runoff (billion cubic meters) 1535 1033 704 539 2021 560 1384 137 657 534 419
From April to October, annual precipitation in flood season (%) 94 91 90.5 86.7 74.6 85.9 72.4 77.0 86.5 81.6 77.3
Can develop hydropower resources (million kilowatts) 5041.0 1671.7 407.7 415.8 564.8 249.6 189.1 127.1 608.3 127.1

The map comes from the "China Geographic Atlas" in the Yangtze River Basin and water power construction zoning

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