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Online Distribution Map of Earthquake Disaster Loss in China

Date: 2020-07-15  Editor : houxue2018   

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Online Distribution Map of Earthquake Disaster Loss in China.

Severe hazard areas caused by previous earthquakes

Seismic Intensity Ⅶ and Over Area

Measured isoseisms

Presumption of isoseisms

Isoseismic lines sketched according to historical records

The areas with different edge lines and colors in the figure are the intensity ranges of different earthquake cases. Tangshan, 7.8/1976, is marked on the lead line of the isoseismal line, indicating the magnitude, year of occurrence and epicenter location of the earthquake.

Graphical representation of earthquake disaster losses in 1949-1992

Earthquake disaster losses before 1949 are numerically noted, for example, in 8/1556 Huaxian County, 830,000 people died.

Secondary disasters caused by earthquakes include severe liquefaction points, large-scale bedrock collapse and landslides, and severe floods in barrier lakes.

Note: Economic losses are converted into Renminbi comparable price in 1990.

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