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Online map of volcanic and lava distribution in northeastern China

Date: 2020-04-20  Editor : houxue2018   

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Map description

Online map of volcanic and lava distribution in northeastern China

The online map of volcanoes and lava distribution in Northeast China is derived from "China Natural Geography Atlas" (third edition), edited by Liu Guangming, and published by China Map Publishing House. The scale of this map is 1:13000000, the total map of the map, divided Twelve map groups for geomorphology and geology, climate, land water, sea area, soil, biology, natural environment evolution, resources, comprehensive natural zoning, environmental issues, major renovation natural projects, and China's nature conservation. Each group of graphs is divided into several units according to natural elements, and each unit is composed of several maps, charts and statistics.


In the figure I shows: the Nemo River fault zone

Figure II shows: Sun-Wu Graben

Figure III shows: the North-South River Fault

The hexagonal star in the picture indicates: volcano

The orange area in the picture indicates: lava

The red line in the figure indicates: the broken line

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