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Online map of geological structures in the Qinling Mountains, China

Date: 2019-11-25  Editor : houxue2018   

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Map description

The online map of China's Qinling geological structure is from the "China Natural Geography Atlas" (third edition), edited by Liu Guangming, and published by China Map Publishing House. The scale of this map is 1:3900000, the total map is divided into landforms and Twelve map groups such as geology, climate, terrestrial water, sea area, soil, biology, natural environment evolution, resources, comprehensive natural zoning, environmental issues, major renovation natural projects, and natural conservation in China. Each group of graphs is divided into several units according to natural elements, and each unit is composed of several maps, charts and statistics.

Qinling geological structure

Pre-ancient platform base and cover

Z: Medium pleats and older

Zg: rear middle platform cover

A: Yangtze folds and older

Ag: Rear Yangtze platform cover

The main groove of the trough since the Paleozoic

Ce/Cm: Caledon folds (Ce well trough, Cm ditch)

Vm: Hualixi fold (take the ground trough)

Im: Indosin folds (ground trough)

Pre-cycle fold

Ce: Caledonian folds (Yudi trough)

Granite intrusive rock

Y1: Indosin cycle

Yy: Yanshan Cycle

Terrestrial sedimentary basin

Bv: Multi-cycle basin since the late Hualixi period

By: Early Yanshan and the multi-cycle basin since the early Yanshanian period

BY2: Multi-cycle basin since the Yanshan Mountains and the late Yanshanian period

Bh: Himalayan Basin

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