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Online map of seawater power resources in China

Date: 2018-07-24  Editor : houguangbing   

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Map description

Seawater Power Resources in Chinese Offshore

Liaohe, the Yangtze River and the Pearl River downstream tidal characteristics table
site name Liaohe River Yangtze Pearl River
Yingkou Three Chahe Wusong Jiangyin Zhenjiang Nanjing Wuhu Jiangmen Ma mouth Gaoyao
Rising tide lasted 5h08m 4h07m 4h33m 3h40m 3h23m 3h52m 3h54m 4h47m 4h19m 4h07m
The ebb tide lasted 7h24m 8h20m 7h52m 8h45m 9h03m 3h32m 8h28m 7h46m 8h55m 9h30m
Mean tidal range (m) 2.55 0.97 2.27 1.62 0.89 0.53 0.22 0.51 0.28 0.21
Climactic gap 5h55m 10h56m 0h10m 4h49m 7h50m 10h28m 13h20m      
Tidal characteristics of estuaries in Qiantang River
Site name Ganpu Jianshan Salt official Before the warehouse Seven Fort Gate
The average tide lasted 5h29m 3h48m 2h36m 2h10m 2h00m 1h51m
The average ebb tide lasted 6h57m 8h37m 9h50m 10h15m 10h23m 10h33m
Mean tidal range (m) 5.54 5.33 3.85 1.73 0.80 0.62
Coastal areas of China Coastal summer and winter waves to the frequency (%)
Position Dalian Tanggu Diversion ship (Yangtze River Estuary) Sheng Mountain Pingtan Eight South China Sea islands

Winter (January)

Waves to: northwest, north, northeast

No waves No waves 64 50 92 67 69

Summer (July)

Waves to: southwest, south and southeast

21 30 72 70 67 74 73

Tidal properties:

1.Rule half-day tide

2.Rules of the whole day tide

3.Irregular half-day tide

4.Irregular day tide

The map comes from the "China Geographic Atlas" in China offshore seawater power resources

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