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Online map of the distribution of hazard (landslide), landslides, and debris flows in China

Date: 2018-07-20  Editor : houguangbing   

Map description

Distribution of landslides and debris flow hazards in China

Disaster Zone

Ⅰ Debris flow in Northeast hilly region, mild - moderate disaster area of landslide

Ⅰ1 Changbai Mountains - Southern Liaoning mountainous debris flow development is more intense, moderate - mild disaster area

Ⅰ2 The eastern coastal mountain landslide developed weakly, mildly and basically without disaster

Ⅰ 3 Jiulingshan - Nanling landslide, debris flow development is more intense, mild and almost no disaster area

Ⅰ4 The landslides and debris flows in the Taiwan and South China Sea islands are more intense - weaker, moderately and basically non-hazard areas

Ⅱ Middle high mountain, plateau, debris flow, landslide, and collapse serious - moderate disaster area

Ⅱ1 Yanshan - Taihang Mountains debris flow development is more intense, mild - moderate disaster sub - areas

Ⅱ2 The landslide and debris flow in the Loess Plateau are strong and moderate

Ⅱ3 The Qilian Mountains debris flow is more intense and mildly damaged

Ⅱ4 Strongly developed landslides and debris flows in the eastern segment of Qinling Mountains, moderate-severe disaster sub-regions

Ⅱ5 Debris flow, landslide and collapse development in the west section of Qinling Mountains-Hengduan Mountains, severe and moderate disaster sub-regions

Ⅲ Northern mountain, plateau debris flow, landslide mild disaster area and basically no disaster area

Ⅲ1 debris flow in the Tianshan Mountains, the development of the collapse is more intense, mild disaster sub-area

Ⅲ2 Altai-Inner Mongolia Plateau collapse, landslide development is stronger - weak, almost no disaster sub-area

Ⅳ Western mountains, plateau debris flow, collapse, landslide moderate in the sea

The debris flow in the southern mountainous area of southern Tibet has a relatively strong, moderate, and non - hazard area

The debris flow in the northern Tibetan Plateau is stronger than that in the disaster area

Potential Hazards High Risk Areas

1.Southern Liaoning - Yanshan landslides, landslide hazards in areas of greater risk

2.Shanxi and Shaanxi landslides, debris flow hazards and large areas of great risk

3.Lanzhou, Xining and the upper reaches of the Yellow River debris flow, landslide hazard areas

4.Gannan debris flow hazards in the region

5.East Sichuan, Hubei West landslide, collapse hazard and large areas

6.Debris flow in western Sichuan, landslide hazard areas

7.Debris flow hazards along the Sichuan-Tibet Highway are large and large

8.Zhaotong - Liupanshui landslide, collapses the disaster risk big and the bigger area

9.Debris flow in western Yunnan, landslide hazard areas

Location of the map Source: "China's major natural disasters and social Atlas" in China collapse (dangerous rock), landslides, debris flow disaster map

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