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Drought, Floods, Earthquakes, Geological Disasters Online Map of the Qing Dynasty in China

Date: 2018-07-20  Editor : houguangbing   

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Drought, floods, earthquakes and geological hazards online map of China in the Qing Dynasty

Qing Dynasty (1644-1911), a total of 267 years. Floods, storm surges, and locust plagues were unprecedented, and with the continuous growth of population and the expansion of farming and animal husbandry areas, the natural disasters were unprecedented in scope, making the Qing Dynasty a historical event in China's history. Disaster more serious times.

Summary of major natural disasters:

Flooding - 398 floods occurred in the country, about three times on average, the most frequent floods in the dynasty. The main flood areas are the lower reaches of the Liaohe River, the lower reaches of the Haihe River, the lower reaches of the Yellow River and the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River.

Drought - There are 13 years of drought in the country, about 20 years, the drought is lighter than the flood. Mainly in Inner Mongolia, North China Plain, Sichuan Basin, Fujian, Zhejiang coastal areas.

Earthquake Disasters - A total of 4200 earthquakes were recorded, including more than 398 devastating earthquakes of magnitude ≥4.75, 101 earthquakes with a magnitude of 6.5 or more, and 7 major earthquakes with a magnitude of 8.0 or more. This is a particularly strong and intense earthquake . Mainly in the north, northwest, southwest.

Typhoons and Storm Surge Disasters - 19 years of severe typhoon disaster occurred mainly in the coastal areas south of the Yangtze River estuary. The year of the storm surge was 213 years, almost every year, and there were tens of thousands of catastrophic deaths. Concentrated in the Yangtze River estuary to the Qiantang River area.

Plague of Locusts - A total of 149 years of severe locust outbreaks occurred, averaging less than 2 years. The main disaster areas in northern China, the Yangtze River and some parts of southern China.

Frozen disasters - mainly occurred in North China, the Yangtze River and the northeast region.

Hail disaster - mainly occurred in the northwest, north China.

Geological Hazards - There are 124 documented disasters, mainly landslides, followed by ground fissures, landslides, etc, mainly in the upper reaches of the Yellow River and the Yangtze River region.

序号 时间 震级 发生地区 死亡人数/人
1 1654-07-21 8 甘肃天水 31000
2 1668-07-25 8.5 山东莒县、郯城 47615
3 1679-09-02 8 河北三河、平谷 4550
4 1769-01-03 8 宁夏平罗、银川 50000
5 1833-09-06 8 云南蒿明 6700
6 1879-07-01 8 甘肃武都 29086
7 1906-12-23 8 新疆沙湾 280


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