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Online map of cold wave path of agrometeorological disasters in China

Date: 2020-04-29  Editor : houxue2018   

Map description

China's agricultural meteorological disasters major cold wave path online map was derived from the National Agricultural Atlas of the People's Republic of China.

Three major paths to invade our country:

The cold wave invading our country is mainly due to the outbreak of cold high pressure in the Arctic, Russia, Siberia and Mongolia. Most of these areas are distributed in the Arctic. In winter, there is no sunshine in the winter. Snow is covered everywhere. The air masses in those areas seem to lie in a natural hail, getting colder and more dry. When this cold air mass accumulates to a certain extent, the air pressure increases to a higher level than in the south, just like the flood stored in the mountains, and when there is a chance, it will rush to a lower pressure, this will produce a cold wave.

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