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Online Map of Hydrogeology in Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region

Date: 2019-07-09  Editor : houxue2018   

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Map description

In the map, we can see the map of Hydrogeological map of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region. The scale of the map is 1:3000000. The descriptive datas of the map are water bearing rock group and its water rich degree, the mineralization degree of groundwater, representative water points and various boundaries,etc. On the top left of the map is a hydrogeological partition map of the scale of 1:9000000.

A Water-bearing Formation and Its Water-Rich Degree

(1) porous aquifer formation of loose rock

Highly water-rich;Water-rich;Moderately rich in water;Weak water-rich;Weak water-rich

(2) Clastic rock pore-fissure aquifer formation

Clastic rock aquifer formation;Water-rich;Moderately rich in water;Weak water-rich

(3) Fractured karst aquifer formations of carbonate rocks

Carbonate aquifer formation;Moderately rich in water;Weak water-rich

(4) Fractured aquifer formation of magmatic rocks

Aquifer Formation of Invasive Rocks (Weak Water-Rich)

Water-bearing formations of extrusive rocks (moderately water-rich and weakly water-rich)

(5) Fractured aquifer formation of metamorphic rocks

Aquifer Formation of Metamorphic Rocks (Weak Water-Rich)

Groundwater salinity (g/l)

Less than 1 (fresh water); 1-3 (brackish water); more than 3-10 (brackish water); more than 10 (brackish water)

Generations of Surface Water Points

Drilling and Numbering; Self-flowing Drilling and Numbering; Rising Spring and Numbering; Spring Groups and Numbering; Hot Spring and Numbering

Various boundaries and others

Boundaries of aquifer formations

Water-rich degree boundary

Stratigraphic boundary

Contour of burial depth of confined aquifer roof

Self-current distribution range

Aquifer Formation of Clastic Cretaceous with Water Supply Significance

Aquifer Formation of Ejective Rocks with Water Supply Significance

Mineralization boundary

Flow direction of groundwater

Faults and inferred faults


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