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Online map of epicentral distribution of China Earthquakes (from 2300 BC to 2000 AD summer, the magnitude of 4 or more)

Date: 2018-07-20  Editor : houguangbing   

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Earthquake Prediction Level in China

The purpose of earthquake prediction level of the situation, generally can be summarized as follows:

We have some knowledge of the principles and laws of earthquakes, but we have not fully understood them. We can predict some types of earthquakes, but we can not predict all the earthquakes. We make larger time scales. Medium and long-term forecast has a certain degree of credibility, but the short-term prediction of the success rate is still relatively low.

China's earthquake prediction due to the country's attention and its clear mandate, after a generation of efforts, has been living in the ranks of the world's advanced. During the fourth seismicity period, several short-term predictions were made of Haicheng and so on. As a result of UNESCO's assessment, the only country that has made a successful short-term prediction of the earthquake is history.

But from the world wide, earthquake prediction is still in the exploratory stage, has not yet fully grasp the law of earthquake development, our forecast is based on years of accumulated data and earthquake cases, empirical predictions. Therefore, inevitably with great limitations. To this end, "People's Republic of Earthquake Disaster Mitigation Law," Article XVI stipulates that: the state of earthquake prediction to implement a unified system.

The short-term and short-term earthquake prediction shall be promulgated by the people's governments of the provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the Central Government in accordance with the procedures prescribed by the State Council.

The opinions of any unit or professional engaged in earthquake work on short-term earthquake prediction or imminent earthquake prediction shall be submitted to the competent administrative department for seismic affairs under the State Council or the department or agency in charge of earthquake management under the local people's government at or above the county level in accordance with the provisions of the preceding paragraph, To the social spread.

In China, the right to publish earthquake prediction in the government. Any administrative unit, research unit, observing station, scientist and any individual belonging to the seismic system has no right to publish information on earthquake prediction.

Source: Atlas of China's Natural Disaster System

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