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Epicentral distribution of China Earthquakes Online map (2300 BC to the spring of 2000 AD, magnitude 4 or above)

Date: 2018-07-23  Editor : houguangbing   

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Earthquake causes

People in the process of unraveling the mystery of the earthquake, accompanied by a wealth of imagination, produce all kinds of myths and legends.

About the 12th century, the Japanese ancient almanac on the so-called "earthquake insects" description. In 1710, Japan has a book about the relationship between catfish and earthquakes, That large catfish lying on the ground low, back cover of the land of Japan, When the catfish is angry, it will move the tail and fin, then caused an earthquake. China's ancient earthquake on the special disasters, but also specifically described. Popular with such a legend: to have a large low-lying fish, carrying the earth, Over time it is necessary to turn over a stand, so the earth shook up, turtle fish stand is the earthquake.

With the development of science, people know the earthquake out from the myth. Epicurus of ancient Greece that the earthquake is due to wind is enclosed in the crust, The result is that the crust is divided into small pieces of non-stop movement, that wind causes earthquakes and earthquakes. Followed by the emergence of Luke Lai repair wind, said, That is, from the outside world or the earth itself, the wind and the air of a great force, Suddenly into the earth's emptiness, in this huge void, the first groan and stir up the whirlwind, And then the resulting power emitted from the outside world, at the same time, the earth deep cracks, The formation of a huge crack, this is the earthquake. Again Aristotle put forward, Earthquakes are caused by sudden underground winds and hot, flammable objects in the ground. At the beginning of the 20th century, scientists began to study the seismic wave, Thus opening up a new page for earthquake science and the whole earth science.

The more influential hypotheses are:

First, in 1911, Richard put forward the Earth's internal strain energy accumulated more than the strength of the rock when the fault, After the formation of fault, the rock elastic rebound, restore the original state, so the accumulation of energy suddenly released, Caused by earthquakes, which is called "elastic rebound";

Second, in 1955 Japan's Matsuzawa Takeo underground rock thermal conductivity, part of the melting volume expansion, Squeezing the surrounding rock, resulting in an exception to the surrounding rock earthquake, which is the so-called "magma impact".

Third, the United States scholar Bridgman put underground material in a certain critical temperature and pressure, From a crystalline state into another crystalline state, the volume of sudden changes in seismic "phase change theory."

Although the mystery of the earthquake so far has not completely solved, but with the physics, chemistry, paleontology, Geology, mathematics and astronomy and other disciplines called cross-penetration, in-depth development of the subject of the earthquake made great progress.

Source: Atlas of China's Natural Disaster System

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