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China's Natural Disasters Become Disasters Online Map (1949-1965)

Date: 2018-07-20  Editor : houguangbing   

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Regional Disparity of Natural Disasters and Their Causes

  Geographical Differentiation Reason
Drought Huanghuaihai plain, the northeast plain as multiple areas The temporal and spatial distribution of seasonal precipitation and interannual precipitation is not balanced
Flood The middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River Plain, Huang Huaihai Plain is a multi-zone By the impact of the summer monsoon, the size of the Hawaii high-pressure forces, the rate of advance and retreat of the rain belt
Earthquake Taiwan Province, north, northwest, southwest of the multiple-zone Taiwan is located in the Eurasian plate and the Philippine plate at the junction area; the southwest region is located in the Mediterranean - Himalayan earthquake belt; North and Northwest in the Pacific Rim structural belt
Landslide, debris flow Southwest as multiple areas Southwest rugged terrain, complex geological structure, large slopes, precipitation duration
Cold damage The northeastern region is a multi-zone Latitude, low temperature, close to the winter wind source
Typhoon Southeast coast as multiple areas On the verge of the Northwest Pacific

Source: Atlas of China's Natural Disaster System

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