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Geological Online Map of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, China

Date: 2019-07-16  Editor : houxue2018   

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Map description

Geological Map of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, China



Alluvial f, sandy clay, gravel, marine m, Sandy and argillaceous silt

Alluvial fm: sand, gravel, clay

Alluvial f, clay, sand and gravel

Upper Tertiary:

Lignite in Mudstone and Sandstone

Lower Tertiary:

Mudstone and sandstone

Sandstone, mudstone and conglomerate with lignite and bentonite

Sandstone and mudstone with lignite and bentonite

Red sandstone, mudstone and conglomerate with gypsum


Red sandstone, mudstone and conglomerate with volcanic rocks

Red sandstone, mudstone, conglomerate and local gypsum


Red, grey-green sandstone and mudstone

Red or grey sandstone, mudstone, conglomerate with coal seam or coal line

Parallel layer


Red sandstone, mudstone, conglomerate, volcanic rock

Hekou Formation: sandstone, mudstone with marl and limestone

Baifeng Formation: sandstone, mudstone, tuff and volcanic rocks in Chongzuo-belt; Guohua Formation (Guohua, Nandan, Yueli) carbonate rocks

Sandstone, mudstone, carbonate and volcanic rocks


Carbonate rock, sandstone, shale, siliceous rock with volcanic rock, coal and bauxite; conglomerate in Qinzhou area

Manganese minerals in carbonate rocks, sandstone, shale and siliceous rocks

Parallel layer

Carboniferous and Permian bedding


Carbonate rocks

Carbonate rock, sandstone, shale, siliceous rock with coal and manganese ore

Parallel layer


Carbonate and siliceous rocks with manganese ore

Carbonate, sandstone, shale and hematite

Sandstone, shale, conglomerate and carbonate rocks

Parallel layer


Complex sandstone and shale

Complex sandstone, shale and conglomerate; volcanic rocks in Taiping area, Qinxi County

Parallel layer


Complex sandstone and shale

Volcanic rocks in complex sandstone, shale and Damingshan area



Carbonate, sandstone, shale

Northern Guangxi

Upper Bianxi Formation, Complex Sandstone and Shale

Lower Qingxi Formation: Sandstone, Shale, Carboniferous Shale with Silicate

Western Damingshan-Dayaoshan-Belt

Upper Huangdongkou Formation: Complex sandstone and shale (most areas are divided into three sections)

Xiao-Nei-Thrust Formation, Miscellaneous Sandstone and Shale in Central China

Lower Peidi Ren, Miscellaneous Sandstone, Shale and Silicate Formation

Upper Proterozoic


Siliceous rock, shale, slate

Complex sandstone, muddy conglomerate, shale, slate and volcanic rocks in Hexian area

Danzhou Group: metamorphic complex sandstone, slate, phyllite, conglomerate with volcanic rock and marble

Sibao Group: metamorphic conglomerate, slate, phyllite, conglomerate with volcanic rocks (including Komatite)

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