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Geological Online Map of Nanling Region, China

Date: 2019-07-15  Editor : houxue2018   

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Map description

Geological Map of Nanling Region, China



Holocene, Gravel and Clay

Pleistocene, gravel, clay and moraine

Parallel or undivided



Lignite in Sandstone and Mudstone

Lignite in Sand and Mudstone

Red clastic rock

Red clastic rock

Parallel or undivided


Xidong Formation, Luowen Formation (Guangxi), Nanxiong Formation (Guangdong), Daijiaping Formation (Hunan) and Ganzhou Formation (Jiangxi)

Xinlong Formation, Dapo Formation, Bilingual Zui Formation (Guangxi), Dongjing Formation, Shenhuangshan Formation (Hunan), Guancaohu Group (Guangdong) and Huozuoshan Formation (Jiangxi)

Parallel or undivided

Upper Jurassic and Lower Cretaceous strata


Gaojiping Formation (Guangdong), Acorus calamus Formation, Jilangzhang Formation (Jiangxi), Changlin Formation and Nanyuan Formation (Fujian)

Middle-Upper Jurassic Consolidation

Nadang Formation (Guangxi), Luyang Formation (Hunan), Baizushan Group (Guangdong), Luoao Formation (Jiangxi) and Zhangping Formation (Fujian)

Lower and Middle Jurassic Consolidated Strata

Wangmen Formation, Minmin Formation (Guangxi), Huaqiao Formation, Dahuqiao Formation (Hunan), Jinji Formation (Guangdong), Linshan Formation (Jiangxi) and Lishan Formation (Fujian)

Parallel or undivided


Lishuwo Formation: Dianbei Formation and Qingshui Formation (Jiangxi)

Parallel or undivided

Ordovician and Silurian coexistence beds


Jiancaogou Formation, Wufeng Formation (Guizhou), Linxiang Formation, Wufeng Formation (Hunan), Tangtou Formation (Jiangxi), Huangmai Formation and Shengping Formation (Guangxi)

Lower and Middle Ordovician horizons

Tongzi Formation, Hongyuan Formation, Dawan Formation (Guizhou), Cangshan Group (Jiangxi), Baidong Formation (Guangxi), Jueshangou Formation and Qixiling Formation (Jiangxi)

Parallel or undivided

Cambrian and Lower Ordovician strata


Loushanguan Group (Guizhou), Miliangpo Group, Tianjiaping Group (Hunan), Shuishi Group (Jiangxi) and Huangdong Group (Guangxi)

Middle and Upper Cambrian Consolidated Strata

Tanxi Formation (Hunan), Gaotan Group (Jiangxi) and Xiaoneichong Group (Guangxi)

Lower and Middle Cambrian Consolidated Strata

Qingxi Formation (Guangxi), Xiaoyanxi Formation (Hunan), Niujiaowan Group (Jiangxi), Niutitang Formation, Mingxinsi Formation, Huai Formation, Qingxudong Formation (Guizhou) and Peidi Group (Guangxi)

Parallel or undivided


Doushantuo Formation, Dengying Formation (Guizhou, Hunan), Xifengsi Formation (Jiangxi), Doushantuo Formation and Laobao Formation (Guangxi, Guizhou)

Liantuo Formation, Nantuo Formation (Guizhou), Zhitang Formation, Leigongwu Formation (Jiangxi), Chang'an Formation, Fulu Formation and Nantuo Formation (Guangxi, Guizhou)

Parallel or undivided

Banxi Group (Jiangxi, Hunan) Danzhou Group (Guangxi)

Fanjingshan Group (Guizhou), Shuangqiaoshan Group (Jiangxi), Sibao Group (Guangxi) and Lengjiaxi Group (Hunan)

Igneous rocks:

Himalayan period:


Late Yanshanian:

Granite porphyry, diorite porphyry, granite porphyry, biotite granite, granite (monzogranite), granodiorite, plagioclase granite

In the early Yanshanian period:

Dacite porphyry, granite porphyry, diorite porphyry, granite porphyry (granodiorite porphyry), granite (biotite granite, monzogranite, diorite granite), granodiorite, gabbro-diabase porphyry, granite (biotite granite, monzogranite) granite, diorite, gabbro-diorite, gabbro-granite Rocks (biotite granite, monzogranite), granodiorite

Plagioclase granite and quartz monzonite (quartz syenite)

Indosinian period:

Granite (monzogranite)


Ultramafic rocks

Variscan Period:


Granite (monzogranite)


Quartz diorite

Ultramafic rocks



Granite (monzogranite)



Granite (monzogranite)


Plagioclase granite

Ultramafic rocks

Middle-Late Proterozoic:

Diabase porphyrite



Plagioclase granite

Mafic rocks

Pyroxenite (peridotite, ultramafic rock)

Unknown Age

Ultramafic rocks

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