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China lithosphere plate tectonics online map

Date: 2019-07-15  Editor : houxue2018   

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Map description

China lithosphere plate tectonics online map

Paleocontinental crust block

Continental nucleus (pre-consolidation at 2600 Ma)

Late Early Proterozoic (pre-1850Ma consolidation)

Consolidation in Early Mesoproterozoic (before 1700Ma)

Consolidation in Early Late Proterozoic (before 850 Ma)

Middle Block (Consolidation at the End of Proterozoic)

Continental Core, Continental Block and Intermediate Block Boundary

Phanerozoic orogenic belt

Early Paleozoic orogenic belt

Late Paleozoic orogenic belt

Early Mesozoic orogenic belt

Late Mesozoic orogenic belt

Cenozoic orogenic belt

Continental rift or depression

Late Proterozoic Rift Valley

Late Proterozoic-Early Paleozoic Rift Valley

Paleozoic Rift Valley

Late Mesozoic Intracontinental Fault Depression Volcanic Rock Distribution Area

Cenozoic intracontinental fault basin

Cenozoic continental margin fault depression zone

Permian Dark Rocks

Rift-type mafic rocks


Cenozoic basalts and alkaline basalts

Structural Elements


Island-arc magmatic rocks (represented by the age of orogenic belts)

Blueamphibole schist belt

Early Paleozoic Plate Subduction Zone (Dental Subduction Direction)

Late Paleozoic plate subduction zone

Late Paleozoic Bidirectional Subduction Zone

Early Paleozoic plate subduction zone

Late Mesozoic plate subduction zone

Late Mesozoic Bidirectional Subduction Zone

Cenozoic plate subduction zone

Ocean basin spreading ridge

Magnetic anomaly tape and its number

Fault Structures

Strike-slip faults and transition faults

Thrusting fault

Large faults

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