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Metamorphic geological online map of China

Date: 2019-07-09  Editor : houxue2018   

Map description

Metamorphic geological online map of China

Metamorphic Facies and Metamorphic Facies

Laumontite and grape-chlorite facies

Low greenschist facies (sericite-chlorite grade)

Greenschist facies (including low and high greenschist facies)

Amphibolite facies

Granulite facies

Low pressure greenschist facies

Medium pressure low amphibolite facies

Medium-pressure amphibolite facies

Blueamphibole-andalusite schist facies

Undifferentiated metamorphic phase and related transition (Metamorphic facies, phase system color same as before)

Greenschist facies and amphibolite facies are not distinguished (other similar)

Medium-low pressure amphibolite facies transition (other similar)

Multistage metamorphism (Vertical fringes represent early metamorphism; horizontal fringes represent late metamorphism; metamorphic facies and facies are identical)

Greenschist facies superimposed on medium-pressure low amphibolite facies (other similar)

Metamorphic facies under unmetamorphic caprock (The dots represent metamorphic facies, metamorphic facies series, color same as before)

Greenschist facies

Granulite facies and amphibolite facies are not separated

Metamorphic caprock

Laumontite appears in deep part

Mineral assemblages of low greenschist facies in deep part

Age of metamorphism

Caledonian to Variscan (other similar)

Variscan superimposed on Caledonian (other similar)

Age of metamorphism is unknown


Unmetamorphic strata

Metamorphic granitoids

Unmetamorphic granitoids

Granitoids under Unmetamorphic Caprock

Mafic and ultramafic rocks


Fault zone

Metamorphic Period Boundary/Metamorphic Facies Boundary

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