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Online map of Chinese intrusive rocks

Date: 2019-06-26  Editor : houxue2018   

Category: Others

Map description

Online map of Chinese intrusive rocks

Rock Province

Northeast Rock Province; North China Rock Province; Yan Province, South China; Western Rock Province

Genesis Series (Taking Cretaceous as an Example)

Type I Series Granite (le, lu, MI); S-type series granites (Se, Su, SI); The Genesis series is undetermined

Crustal docking zone

Himalayan Period; Yanshanian Period; Indosinian Period; Variscan Period; Caledonian Period;Jinning Period

Age and lithology of rock mass (taking granite as an example)

Early Tertiary; Cretaceous-Paleogene; Cretaceous; Jurassic Period; The Triassic Period; Late Paleozoic; Early Palaeozoic Era; Proterozoic; Archaean; Granite porphyry; Granodiorite-rich plagioclase granite; Plagioclase granite; Quartz syenite; Quartz monzonite; Quartz diorite; Syenite; Monzonite; Alkaline granite; Diorite; Gabbro; Ultramafic rocks; Peralkaline rock

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