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Online thematic map of Chinese Integrated Regionalization Natural Disaster (1: 32 million)

Date: 2019-04-18  Editor : houxue2018   

Map description

Online thematic map of Chinese Integrated Regionalization Natural Disaster (1: 32 million).

Marine disaster zones:

Bohai and Yellow Sea Disaster Zone; East China Sea Disaster Zone; South China Sea Disaster Zone

The Southeastern Coastal Disaster zone:

Coastal Disaster Zone of Jiangsu and Shanghai; Coastal Disaster Zone of Zhejiang and Fujian; Coastal Disaster Zone of Guangdong and Guangxi; Hainan Disaster Zone; Taiwan Disaster Zone

Eastern disaster zone:

Northeast Plain Disaster Zone; Bohai Rim Plain Disaster Zone; Huanghuaihai Plain Disaster Zone; Jianghuai Plain Disaster Zone; Jiangnan Hilly Disaster Zone; Nanling Hilly Disaster Zone

Central disaster zone:

Daxing'an Mountains-Yanshan Mountain Disaster Zone; Inner Mongolia Plateau Disaster Zone; Loess Plateau Disaster Zone; Southwest Mountain and Hilly Disaster Zone; Southern Yunnan and Guangxi Hilly Disaster Zone

The Northwest Disaster Zone:

Mountainous disaster areas of Mengning-Gansu Plateau; Desert disaster areas adjacent to southern Xinjiang; Mountain desert disaster areas of northern Xinjiang

Qinghai-Tibet disaster zone:

Disaster areas in Qinghai-Tibet Plateau Basin; Mountain and Valley Disaster Areas in Southeast Sichuan-Tibet; Mountain and Valley Disaster Areas in Southern Tibet; Northern Tibet Plateau Disaster Areas

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