Earthquake disaster risk reduction thematic knowledge service (Jiuzhaigou, China)
2017, 08, 08, 21:19, 46 seconds, in Sichuan, Aba Prefecture, Jiuzhaigou county (33.2 degrees north latitude, 103.82 degrees east longitude) occurred 7 earthquake, the focal depth of 20 km.
The Jiuzhaigou 7 earthquake has killed 20 people
Jiuzhaigou County Emergency Management Office a written report, after a preliminary verification, as of August 10th 12, "8 - 8" Jiuzhaigou 7 earthquake has caused 20 deaths (including 6 tourists, local people did not identify the identity of 2 people, 12 people, 1 more people did not identify the identity), 431 people were injured (18 seriously injured. The 17 people in severe wounded have been transferred to Chengdu, Mianyang for treatment, 1 seriously injured temporarily in Songpan County hospital. Note: 431 injured, 369 were injured in Jiuzhaigou County, which injured 13 people (2 people critically), with 21 people, injured 33 people, 53 people have been transferred. The other 62 wounded were wounded in Songpan and other counties, mainly in Songpan County hospital. Relevant circumstances continued. (Aba Prefecture emergency response office)
At 10:45 on August 10th, Huanglong scenic area released: Huanglong scenic area to maintain normal tourist reception
8:50 on August 9, 2017, Huanglong administration safety investigation on the comprehensive area, landscape features of all attractions not subject to the impact of the earthquake, scenic service infrastructure intact, no security risks found within the scenic area. Huanglong scenic area to maintain normal tourist reception. (national emergency broadcasting correspondent Ren Mengyan)
3.5 earthquake occurred in Jiuzhaigou County, Aba Prefecture, Sichuan
Automatic determination of China seismic network: 10 days 09 when 54 minutes and 06 seconds in the vicinity of Sichuan ABA Jiuzhaigou county (33.19 degrees north latitude and 103.89 degrees east longitude) occurred 3.5 earthquake, the focal depth of 8 km, the final result of a formal preliminary prevail.
August 10th 09:45 latest news summary
As at 22:10 on 9, 19 people were killed and 343 injured; more than 60 thousand people were transferred; the international rescue team was divided by helicopter in close proximity to the epicenter. At present, the basic evacuation of stranded tourists has been completed; secondly, the indigenous people are placed in the same place; the medical personnel have been fully wounded and wounded; the key channel of the core area has been opened; and the voice communication has been resumed in Jiuzhaigou county.
August 10th 09:40 Jiuzhaigou County earthquake caused 19 dead, more than 5 tourists have all been transferred
Reporters from the Sichuan provincial government information office was informed that, as of August 9th 22, "8.8" Jiuzhaigou 7 earthquake has caused 19 deaths, 343 people were injured, 13 seriously injured, with 21 people, injured 309 people, 19 people have been transferred.
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