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Agricultural drought monitoring of Inner Mongolia based on spatial information

Date: 2018-09-19      View counts: 540    


LI Yunpeng, SI Yaobin, LIU Pengtao, CHAO Lumen
Journal of Arid Land Resources and Environment
Drought monitoring
Paper Keyword
drought; remote sensing monitoring; GIS technology; avaluation
By using remote sensing information and ground observation data, the model of drought monitoring for Inner Mongolia has been established. According to consulting the history of drought situation monitored by drought index and analyzing the ground truth data, the drought classification map for regional drought monitoring was made. For the difficulties of quantitative assessment of drought monitoring services, based on the GIS spatial analysis function and a large number of social and economic data, the affected area, region and some socio - economic indicators by drought were evaluated. The remote sensing of drought monitoring and evaluation from qualitative to quantitative and the content of the study of it has been refined and enriched, and the quality of service has been improved. On the basis of above work, by use of computer programming technology, the monitoring and evaluation system of drought based on special information was established. Take the drought monitoring in June 2010 of Inner Mongolia for an example, by classifing the drought level and analyzing the result of monitoring assessment, we achieved a considerable results of applications.
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