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Spatial Distribution and Variation of Concentration of Suspended Solids in Taihu Lake based on HJ - 1 Satellite Data

Date: 2018-09-19      View counts: 3895    


XIA Rui1, LI Yun-mei, WU Chuan-qin, JIN Xin, WANG Yan-fei
Paper Keyword
Remote sensing; suspended solids; spatial distribution; spatial variation; geostatistics
Taking Taihu Lake as the study area, this paper built linear model based on the satellite data of band 4 of HJ- 1, to inverse the concentration of suspended solids and studied the spatial distribution of suspended solids in different months. By extracting each sample’ s concentration by sampling equidistantly, the spatial variation can be known by geostatistics. The result shows that the concentration of suspended solids was very high during 2009, and the main grades were 30 - 50 mg /L and 50 - 70 mg /L. The distribution of high value zone spread from the northwest or southwest to the center of Taihu Lake. At last, a large area of high value zone was formed in the lake center finally. By the geostatistics theory, we can find that the spatial variation of suspended solids in Taihu Lake existed objective. Not only has it nugget effect, but also it has a strong spatial correlation. The ranges of variation in 2009 were greater than 20 km, except June in which that was 9.2 km.
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