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Three Gorges Research Center for Geohazards,Ministry of Education

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China University of Geosciences Wuhan, Three Gorges Research Center for Geohazards, Ministry of Education was built in 2008 and responsible for the construction and work of the only one 985 innovation platform of dominant subjects that studies on geological disasters in the Three Gorges Reservoir Area. The TGRC includes 7 first level subjects and they are geology, geological resources and geological engineering, geophysics, environmental science and engineering, civil engineering, hydraulic engineering, management science and engineering respectively. The main part of the platform has Badong large-scale comprehensive test field, Zigui field test site, Majiagou anti slide pile test field, the Three Gorges Reservoir area geological environment of small watershed in Xiangxi River evolution science Observatory, Badong geophysical field research station and a series of scientific research base and a multi-function of geological hazard information platform. As the important part of unique “985” platform, the comprehensive test field and monitoring network of geological disasters in the Three Gorges Reservoir area, which is the main field of large-scale comprehensive test field in Badong, provides the most advanced experimental base for geological disaster research and academic exchange platform in the world. Based on the above test base and monitoring network, the state key basic research development plan (973 Plan) -Research on the theoretical basis of evolution and control of catastrophic landslide in major projects and the key projects of National Natural Science Foundation of China-Study on multidimensional diagnosis and stability of Reservoir Landslide Evolution Process were developed. A series of important achievements have been made in the theoretical innovation of geological disasters and the development of new technologies.
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