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Causes and counter measures of giant flash flood and debris flow disaster in Zhouqu County in Gansu province on August 7, 2010

Date: 2017-09-25      View counts: 679    


Fang haiyan, Cai guoqiang, Li qiuyan, et al
Science of soil and water conservation
Analysis of Debris Flow
Paper Keyword
debris flow; disaster,; cause; countermeasure; Zhouqu County
On August 7, 2010, an extraordinarily serious flash flood and debris flow disaster occurred which caused great loss of life and property. This paper analyzed its causes, and pointed out that the specail geological and geomorphic conditions were the potential reasons, high-intensity rainstorm was the inducing one, and irrational human activities ,such as reclamation on steep slopes by cutting trees, building hydroelectric stations without rational measures, and living on landslide body etc, strengthened the disaster. Based on the analysis, some countermeasures for Zhouqu County as well as other similar regions were given. Firstly, deepening studies on geological disaster, and reinforcing building of soil and water conservation measures were quietly required. Secondly, returningland for farming to forest and eco-environmental protection should be paid attention to. Thirdly, canonical constructing hydroelectric stations, road, and the infrastructure in city were needed. Fourthly, sound forecasting and prewarming net system were also required. Furthermore, the measures and the consciousness of preventing debris flow should be publicized among the people that are the base to prevent and contro mud-flow disaster.
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