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Construction of Semi-analytical Model for Inversing Total Suspended Matter in Lake Taihu and Chaohu and Assessment of Its Applicability

Date: 2018-09-19      View counts: 3675    


LIU Zhong-hua, LI Yun-mei, TAN Jing, GUO Yu-long, ZHOU Li, LIU Ge
Paper Keyword
semi-analytical model; MERIS data; HJ-1 HSI data; total suspended matter; Lake Taihu; Lake Chaohu
Total suspended matter is an important water quality parameter. Firstly, a semi-analytical model for inversing concentration of total suspended matter was constructed by simplifying the bio-optical model, using the in-situ data of Lake Taihu in spring and autumn and that of Lake Chaohu in summer. And then, its applicability was validated by MERIS and HJ-1 HSI data. The results showed that: ① The optical range for inversing total suspended matter in Lake Taihu and Chaohu was between 730 nm and 832 nm except the oxygen absorption bands. ② According to MERIS data, bands centered at 754 nm and 779 nm were both suitable for inversing total suspended matter in Lake Taihu whereas the band centered at 761 nm was not suitable due to the influence of oxygen absorption. ③ According to MERIS data, the relative error of this model increased with the time difference after satellite transit time.The relative errors of inversion results of this model were below 50% when the time difference was less than 3 hours, while they increased to more than 50% when the time difference exceeded 3 hours. ④ The seventeen bands of HJ-1 HSI data were all suitable for inversing total suspended matter in Lake Chaohu and its result was better than that in Lake Taihu using MERIS data.
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