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Investigation on the Damage of Moso Bamboo Caused by Freezing Rain and Snow in Anfu, Jiangxi Province

Date: 2018-06-08      View counts: 671    


Xiao Fuming, Chen Hongxing, Jiang Xiangmei, et al
Investigation of forest damage
Paper Keyword
Moso Bamboo ;freezing rain and snow ;Anfu , Jiangxi Province
Based on the investigation on the damage of Moso bamboo caused by freezing rain and snow in Anfu , Jiangxi Province in 2008 , the relationship between the damage rate and related factors , such as ages of the culm , the stand and the slope etc .were analyzed in this paper .The results showed that Moso bamboo damage had significant correlation to altitude , stand density and its age .Its damage was 51.8%and 71.7 %at 350 m and 1 000 m altitude , respectively .The Moso bamboo damage in 3~ 5 years and 1 ~ 2 years bamboo was 29.7%and 53 %, respectively .Its damage was 32.5%in 2 400 ~ 3 000 trees·hm-2 , 48.3 %in over 3 000 trees·hm-2 and 90.3 %in below 2 400 trees·hm -2 , respectively .Meanwhile , Moso bamboo damage was affected by forest types , different slope , different aspect and so on .Its damage in the pure forest and on steep slopes and northwest slope was severer than that in the mixed forest , gentle slopes and southern slope , respectively .It is concluded that the damage in Moso bamboo plantation was an aggregate result of various factors.
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