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Applicability of three drought indexes in Inner Mongolia

Date: 2018-09-19      View counts: 667    


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Applicability of three drought indexes in Inner Mongolia

FU Lijuan, CAO Jie, Delegerima
Journal of Arid Land Resources and Environment
Drought monitoring
Paper Keyword
drought indices; level standard; applicability analysis
This research have done the comparative analysis on applicability of three drought indices, which are precipitation anomaly percentage index( Pa) , relative moisture drought index( M) and standardized precipitation index , using meteorological stations data of Inner Mongolia from 2006 to 2010. It is found that the evaluation result of Pa and SPI were extremely consistent in crop growth season, while in winter and spring, the evaluation result of pa and M were relatively consistent. Evaporation capacity in wetter season was always less than the amount of precipitation in the same period. Therefore, index M is comparably unfavorable one since the assessment result of that is lower than actual drought level. Simultaneously, it is indicated that the differences of drought impact at various time stages and the accumulative drought effects should be added to improvement of drought index.
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