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A typical experience:Massive mudslide of zhouqu, the department of land and resources is moving

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April 7,2011




Education and the cadre evaluation center of the CPC central organization department


First of all, this video briefly introduces the whole process and all kinds of losses caused by zhouqu debris flow disaster.From the perspective of land and resources, the paper analyzes the causes of zhouqu debris flow disaster, the rescue measures and the danger of investigation.

Avoiding: 1.The department of land has carried out timely and dragnet disaster investigation.Find high-risk areas. 2.The people jointly seek solutions and the people jointly prevent.The people and experts cooperate with each other.The people are responsible for disaster monitoring and experts are responsible for the analysis. 3.Disaster warning training for people in high-risk areas. 4.We need to improve the upstream warning monitoring system of debris flow. 5.The state and all sectors of society should invest more money in geological disaster survey.



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