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Value Estimation of Service Function of Forest Ecosystem Damaged by Frozen Rain and Snow in the South China

Date: 2018-06-08      View counts: 525    


Yang Fengwei, Lu Shaowei, Wang Bing
Forest ecosystem function
Paper Keyword
frozen rain and snow ;damaged forest ecosystem ;economic value
Based on the data of the area and grade of the damaged forest resources by frozen rain and snow disaster , aswell as on the relevant researches , the forest ecosystem services standardized assessment criterions were used to estimate the erosion control , water storage , C fixation and biodiversity conservation of the forest ecosystem in the south China .The result indicated that frozen rain and snow disaster caused a loss of ecosystem services valued 711.7 billion RMB .The value loss of various service functions ranked as :water storage >C storage >biodiversity conservation >C fixation >erosion control.Comparing the value order of ecosystem services damaged in different provinces in the south China , Jiangxi and Hunan lost the most of value , that were 149.98 billion RMB and 146.375 billion RMB ;Jiangsu , Shaanxi and Qinghai lost the least of value , that were 5.896 , 5.342 and 0.106 billion RMB respectively .The value losses of Masson Pine and Chinese Fir were themost serious and the value loss of Masson Pine was up to 157.016 billion RMB .The value loss of service functions in different species ranked as :Masson Pine >Chinese Fir >broad-leaved tree >bamboo >other tree species>economic forest tree >Slash Pine >eucalyptus .
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