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Water Quality Research and Evaluation for Campus Landscape Water Based on ArcGIS

Date: 2017-09-15      View counts: 516    


The main contents include:

Campus environment is the foundation of the school building of spiritual civilization, and the water as a mobile landscape has became the essential landscape elements in contemporary campus environment design. Small landscape waters created beautiful campus environment, but also satisfied the hydrophilic psychological needs of teachers and students. However, due to the campus landscape water mostly stationary or slow illiquid closed water body, which characteristics are small area, small water environmental capacity, and low self-purification capacity.Along with the expansion of universities enrollment and student activity frequency, caused water quality gradually decreased or even worsen, become pollution sources of water environment, potential risks of campus life quality.According to the relevant research results in recent years, university landscape water have emerged different degrees of eutrophication, algal bloom material conditions have existed, seriouly impact the campus landscape and ecological function .

In this paper, as an artificial lake an example, Jing Lake, which in a University of Chongqing , through the investigation of water quality in winter dry season, used the method of single factor index, Nemero index, comprehensive nutrition state index method and spatial overlay analysis based on ArcGIS method to analyzed the pollution characteristics and to evaluate their nutritional status, in order to master water pollution characteristics and rules of the campus landscape water, to provide scientific basis for the prevention and management of eutrophication and the construction of ecological campus.

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Water Quality Research and Evaluation for Campus Landscape Water Based on ArcGIS

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