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Climate Changes In Mongolia Plateau During LJast 35 Years

Date: 2018-09-19      View counts: 752    


Dan Dan
Inner Mongolia Teaching University
Drought analysis
Paper Keyword
climate change; time sequence analysis; spacial character
Mongolia plateau (88°43′E -126°04′ E, 37°24′N-53°23′N) is one of the most important tectonic landform unit of the Eurasian continent and typical area of the monsoon marginal zone. Its controlle by the Siberia-Mongolia high atmospheric pressure in winter, while the climate reflected as dry andcold. Affected by the East Asian summer monsoon in summer, it is rainy and the temperature is high which characterized by moisture and heat in the same period. The region is not only the way zonal circulation but also westerly circulation must pass of. Thus, under the influence of monsoon and circulation system, combining the characteristics of water and heat, space-time structure the ecological environmental of Mongolia plateau is very sensitive. The region was influence on the climate in East Asia, also strong response to global change. Besides, arid and semi-arid circumstance leading ecological environment of this area to sensitive and fragile in the Mongolia plateau. The two modes of production, agriculture and animal husbandry, makes the production level relatively low and the ability of anti disaster is weak. It is easy that natural disasters happen. In recent years, under the background of the global warming, ecological and environmental problems produced in the region is still very prominent, for example, runoff decreasing, lake shrinking, desertification aggravating and so on, seriously hampered local economic development, endangering the ecological security, attracted much attention of scholars. The special geographic location, complex climate system, fragile ecological system and sensitive environment variation characteristics of Mongolia plateau decide its important position unique role in the study of global change. So the research of the Mongolia plateau climate change and its process is helpful to understand the regional response of global change, provides scientific basis for the development and implementation of current ecological environment governance measures and has important application value and scientific significance.
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