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Application of 3D Visualization Technology in Debris Flow Control Project of Post - disaster Reconstruction in Zhouqu County

Date: 2017-09-25      View counts: 672    


Wu hong; Dong jin yi; Li rui dong
Journal of Glaciology and Geocryology
Post-disaster reconstruction
Paper Keyword
Post-disaster reconstruction; geological disasters; debris flow control engineering; three-dimensional visualization; Zhouqu County
Combined with the engineering data of debris flow prevention of post disaster reconstruction in Zhouqu County, to build the three-dimensional model of debris flow prevention works by 3dsMax, Maya and other 3D modeling software, the disaster prevention project of debris flow 3D visualization scene to establish Skyline 3D GIS platform. Based on the detailed elaboration of the key technology, construct the 3D visual scene 3D spatial data processing, 3D model making and three-dimensional scene construction, set up Zhouqu county urban reconstruction debris-flow engineering 3D scene will directly and vividly display the terrain of Zhouqu County, debris flow prevention project deployment, which can provide decision support for the future local government disaster prevention and mitigation work. In addition, the application of the advanced fluid dynamics, rigid body simulation software of Zhouqu "8.8" large debris Three dimensional dynamic simulation of disaster process, the effect is ideal .
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