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Analysis of Land Desertification in Transitional Areas of Grassland and Desert _A Case Study of Kubuqi Desert and Adjacent Areas

Date: 2018-06-07      View counts: 728    


Cunyu Zhao, Tao Wang, Jianmin Feng
Arid land geography
Land Desertification Characteristics Analysis
Paper Keyword
Land Desertification, Kubuqi Desert, Classification Index
Using 2000 TM image data and GIS software such as iAicnof and rAvciew, the types and characteristics of desertification in the Kubuqi Desert and its adjacent areas were studied. The study showed that the types of land desertification in this area are mainly sandy desertification and soil salinization. Chemical and soil erosion. The area is sandy desertification, 24992.96 Square kilometers, accounting for “% of desertified land area, followed by soil erosion, 967.60 Square kilometers, accounting for 26%, soil salinization area 3098.07kn , accounting for only 8% of desertification land, pointing out that due to the differences in the natural conditions and human activities and intensity in the region, the spatial distribution differences in land desertification types and degrees were caused and divided into 5 A governance partition, put forward the governance measures of each district.
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