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Institute of Earthquake Science CEA

Institute of Earthquake Science CEA

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Date: 2017-02-27

Editor : jiping

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Institute of Earthquake Science CEA is China's non-profit scientific research institutions, the main task is through the study on Simulation and prediction theory and methods of observation, earthquake, earthquake exploration, inoculation and the law of development, promote the development of seismic science, for earthquake prediction and earthquake disaster mitigation services. Institute of the existing Chinese Academy of Sciences, 2 people, researchers, researchers, associate professor, senior engineer, 57 people, a total of 20. The existing graduate tutor 38 people, in the master's degree students of 59, doctoral students, 14. Won the National Natural Science Award 2, National Science and technology progress award 12, provincial science and Technology Progress Award for outstanding achievements in 58, China Earthquake Administration earthquake disaster reduction award 22; at the forefront of the world in the theory and practice of earthquake prediction and seismic instrument development etc..

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