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Building damage in Dujiangyan during Wenchuan Earthquake

Date: 2018-05-31      View counts: 451    


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Building damage in Dujiangyan during Wenchuan Earthquake

Zhang Minzheng,Jin Yingjie
Earthquake Engineering and Engineering Vibration
building damage
Paper Keyword
Wenchuan Earthquake; Dujiangyan; building damage; seismic intensity; fi eld survey
A field damage survey of 1,005 buildings damaged by the Wenchuan Earthquake in Dujiangyan City was carried out and the resulting data was analyzed using the statistical method. It is shown that buildings that were seismically designed achieved the desired seismic fortifi cation target; they sustained less damage than the non-seismically designed buildings. Among the seismically designed buildings investigated, RC frame buildings performed the best in terms of seismic resistance. Masonry buildings with a ground story of RC frame structure were the second best, and masonry buildings performed the worst. Considering building height, multistory buildings sustained more severe damage than high-rise buildings and 2- and 3-story buildings. Compared to residential buildings, public buildings, such as schools and hospitals, suffered more severe damage.
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