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Spring and summer drought characteristics in central and eastern Inner Mongolia nearly 50 years

Date: 2018-09-19      View counts: 772    


BAI Meilan, LI Jintian, LI Xicang, DI Ruiqi, FENG Xianjing, YANG Jing
Journal of Arid Land Resources and Environment
Drought monitoring
Paper Keyword
comprehensive meteorological drought index; EOF method; drought characteristics; climate warming
Based on the comprehensive meteorological drought index ( CI) , using data of daily temperature and precipitation of 75 weather stations which have more than 200mm precipitation a year,CI sequences and spatial and temporal distribution in spring and summer during 1961 - 2010 were built. It shows that: ( 1) Drought in spring and summer of central and eastern Inner Mongolia can be divided into three types: drought or not drought all over the central and eastern Inner Mongolia, anticorrelation of east and west part of drought, anticorrelation of north and south part of drought. ( 2) Drought in spring was reduce after 1980, but regional heavy drought in spring was increase; drought frequency in summer in Inner Mongolia increased. ( 3) Climate warming began in 1980s. Since then the precipitation distribution changed, which aggravated the summer drought.
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