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Analysis on the Causes of Geological Hazards in Zhouqu Debris Flow

Date: 2017-09-25      View counts: 839    


Zhang chengyong
Gansu water conservancy and hydropower technology
Analysis of Debris Flow
Paper Keyword
Debris flow; geological hazard; fault; earthquake
Debris flow is a kind of outbreak in mountain valleys filled with a large number of muddy stone special torrent, it is in the process of mountain leveling by the severe erosion caused by a rapid movement of sediment phenomenon, soil erosion and mountain environment to the development of deterioration And its important stage of the important signs. The county is located in the alpine canyon, the terrain is steep, the gully density is large, the ditch within the landslide, the collapse of development, residual slope loose material reserves, frequent summer rain, the formation of debris flow in the region to provide favorable conditions, Analysis of the causes of disasters can help us to prevent debris flow, for the debris flow prevention and control work to play a positive role.
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