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Analysis of Causes and Typical Examples of the Landslide in Wenchuan Earthquake Disaster Area

Date: 2017-09-25      View counts: 558    


Dong jinyu; Yang guoxiang; Yang jihong et al
Journal of North China Institute of Water Conservancy and Hydroelectric Power
The cause on earthquake
Paper Keyword
geological structure of slope body; strong seismic ground motion; structural plane; slope gradient; failure process
The landslide is the uppermost type of secondary geological disasters in Wenchuan earthquake disaster area,widely distributed in the disaster area,and its quantity is large,its damage intensity is strong and has caused a large number of casualties and a hidden peril. First of all,the causes of landslides in disaster area are studied from the aspects of topography,geological structure of the slope body,stratum lithology,seismic ground motion,the steady state of the slope,weathering and fluvial action. Strong earthquake ground motion near the fault zone and geological structure of the slope body are the main reasons for the formation of a large number of landslides. Secondly,as a typical example,the causes of Wangjiayan landslide and Xinzhong Landslide are analyzed,and it is discovered that strong earthquake motion near or along the fault zone and the structural planes inclined outwards from the slope are their main reasons,but steeper slope or the slope body in an unsteady state is to further promote the occurrence of landslides. The research achievements are significant for awareness and prevention of landslides in the earthquake disaster areas.
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