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Drought characteristics in Inner Mongolia based on the SPI index in the last 50 years

Date: 2018-09-19      View counts: 351    


NA Yintai
Journal of Arid Land Resources and Environment
Drought monitoring
Paper Keyword
drought; standardized precipitation index; Inner Mongolia
Drought intensity, areas, frequency and evolution rules were analyzed in detail with the standardized precipitation index ( SPI) and monthly precipitation data from 46 ground stations in Inner Mongolia during recent 50a. It showed that the slight drought was mainly occurred in the east and west part of Inner Mongolia and its intensity appeared decreasing trend and moderate drought in the middle part and showed increasing trend. Drought cover area showed slightly decreasing trend in the west,insigificantly increasing trend in middle part and significantly increasing trend with 5. 67 SPI value for each ten years. In the east part, such as Hailar, Xing'An League and the west of Tongliao the east of Chifeng, the slight drought frequency was higher, and in the most of the other regions, the moderate drought was higher. In the middle part of Inner Mongolia, such as Xilingol, the frequency of slight, moderate and heavy droughts were higher and the frequency of slight drought in the western region was also higher.
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