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Deciphering: Earthquake on 2008.5.12

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July 20,2009




The emei film studio


By means of animation simulation and contrast, the location of the earthquake zone, the magnitude of the earthquake and the magnitude of earthquake's energy are clearly displayed. Shaocheng Ji and Xiao Fan , two geological experts, examined the disaster area, and elaborated terms such as "earthquake source", "epicenter", "fault zone" and "quake lake". From the perspective of science, the video introduces how to avoid earthquake, reduce casualties and reconstruct.

  1. Avoiding

Ⅰ.We can make a early-warning system according to the p-wave and s-wave propagation time difference. the system receives the p-wave first,then before the arrival of transverse wave which is slower and more destructive , people will have a certain amount of time to reach a relatively safe area and reduce casualties; Ⅱ.We should avoid building houses on unstable mountainsides, surface faults and loose sediments; Ⅲ.Reducing the excavation of the slope can effectively reduce the probability of landslide and debris flow. Ⅳ.Using the aerial line of Japan cable.The damage to the pipeline will be minimized, even if the city is affected. Ⅴ.The household should be equipped with disaster preparedness kit.

  1. Post-disaster reconstruction

Ⅰ.The structure of steel or wood should be used and the use of the structure of soil and stone should be limited . Ⅱ.Each unit of the building build an "anti-shock wall" poured by reinforced concrete .



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