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The earthquake disaster characteristic and cause discussion about Hanyuan abnormal intensity from the 2008 Wenchuan M8. 0 earthquake

Date: 2017-09-25      View counts: 3797    


Lei dongning; Cai yongjian; Li heng et al
Earthquake research in Sichuan
The cause on earthquake
Paper Keyword
The 2008 Wenchuan M8. 0 earthquake; earthquake disaster site condition; building destroycharacteristic; Hanyuan abnormal intensity;
Based on the investigation of the earthquake disaster in Hanyuan County, this paper has collected the results obtained by the predecessors in this area and adopted the method of comprehensive analysis and analogy to carry out the damage and abnormal cause of the earthquake intensity anomaly in Hanyuan County. The "X" shear failure caused by the horizontal earthquake is caused by the damage of the buildings in the Hanyuan County, and the damage caused by the vertical earthquakes is less. The coupling of the seismic wave propagation path, the site soil condition and the topography condition is the main reason for the anomaly of the Hanyuan County. The gravel layer with the dominant thickness in the soil layer is the main cause of the seismic wave magnification. The preliminary conclusions obtained in this paper provide a new idea for more scientific research on the causes of seismic anomalies in this area.
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