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The Digital Belt and Road Program

Date: 2020-04-10     View counts: 1092    


Chinese name
"数字“一带一路”科学计划 "
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The Belt and Road demands traction, and Earth observation and Big Earth Data are important to helping participants grasp the potential impacts. The Digital Belt and Road (DBAR) Program was launched to this end, and received support from many international organizations and countries along the Belt and Road.The DBAR vision is the promotion of international cooperation that renders Earth observation science, data, technology and applications integral to deal with environmental and societal challenges and attaining SDGs in the Belt and Road region.The mission of DBAR is to mobilize Earth observation scientific knowledge, technology and data to enable the Belt and Road countries to sustainably develop their infrastructure, economy, natural resources and culture, and support decision makers towards meeting the SDG targets relevant to the Belt and Road countries.
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Integrated disaster

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