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Ethiopian Meteorological Society

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Addis Ababa
38.7 °
9.03 °
"The Ethiopian Meteorological Society (ETMS) is established in January 2007. It has also been re-registered in January 2010 according to the proclamation No.621/2009 of the Charity Organization and Societies of the Ethiopian Federal Democratic Republic.Aims: Contribute to the promotion of the improvement and modernization of the science of meteorology, hydrology and atmospheric sciences in the country; Create awareness among the public regarding the benefit of meteorological science and to ensure that researchers and students would have access to meteorological information; Create communication with similar societies in the country and abroad, with a view to exchanging appropriate new technologies and knowledge; Cooperate with Regional and International Centers that deal with the science of Meteorology, Hydrology and Atmospheric sciences, with a view to improving the Meteorological services in the country; Ensure that the services of the meteorological and allied sciences are playing great role in promoting the socio-economic developments in the country; and Promote close association among the members of the ETMS."
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