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Forest landscape restoration assessment based on NDVI under different burn intensity in the burned blank of Daxinganling Mountains

Date: 2018-06-08      View counts: 937    


XIE Fuju , ,XIAO Duning ,L I Xiuzhen ,WANG Xugao
Chinese Journal of Ecology
Paper Keyword
fire intensity ,NDVI ,forest landscape ,restoration
Integrating the forest landscape types and NDVI from LANDSAT TM image of 2000 with burn intensity map ,the relationship between forest landscape restoration and burn intensity was discussed. The results showed that the restoration of whole burned blank was remarkable. The degree of restoration negatively corre2 lated with fire intensity ,which meant that the more severely it was burned ,the worse the restoration was. The conifers in the severely burned area occupied less area with low growth rate. The area proportion of swamp in the burned area was much more than that in the contrast area ,which should be paid more attention to. Under the influence of global warming ,the conifers degradation and increase swamp must be prevented. Mixed forest grew best among three forest types ,which meant the vegetation succession in the burned blank was transform2 ing from initial stage to middle stage.
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