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After the zhouqu mudslide:Interview with zhang hongtao, head of the ministry of land

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December 2, 2010




Phoenix Satellite Television, Social Visibility


This video describes the natural geography of zhouqu area and the damage caused by the disaster.And it analyzes the causes of zhouqu mudslide and other disasters.Zhang hongtao's chief engineer answered questions about whether there were any opportunities to reduce losses before these major natural disasters,and what measures can we take.

Advise: 1.Forestry development needs reasonable.Don't excessive cutting.Maintaining certain forest cover rate is the most effective measure to avoid debris flow disaster. 2.The canyon area and the ecologically fragile area should avoid the construction of hydropower station. 3.Weather forecast rainfall meters should be widely distributed and not only fixed in urban areas. 4.The people jointly seek solutions and the people jointly prevent.We need to maintain the attitude of "people's war".Every village has to establish a small monitoring mechanism. 5.People living in areas with high risk of disaster should strengthen the steep slope or move. 6.The experts will carry out post-disaster reconstruction planning and avoid administrative factors.



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